Care of White Doves


Care of White Doves is important to us. Here are two of our flock enjoying a sunny day in our back yard.

Care of White Doves

We care for our white doves.

Dove Celebration started with one breeding pair of white doves in 2005.  That breeding pair has quite naturally produced a flock of 35 white doves.

Our doves live with the Yaeger family on our five acre property.

They are regularly fed and watered and receive veterinary care as needed.

Care of White Doves in Flight

Doves are only released with at least an 2 hours of daylight left after release.

Once airborne, with their bearings gathered, they fly at a rate of about 50 miles per hour,  coming directly home to roost.

We will not release doves in severe weather conditions, nor will we ship doves for release by untrained non-professionals.

Please be wary and do not patronize those who would bend or break these rules for dove releases, for the sake of the welfare and care of the white doves.

Dove Celebration releases are offered only during the months of April – October.

We believe in the humane treatment of animals – including our birds of peace.


Gail Yaeger
Senior Flight Attendant

Petco offers this free guide to the care of white doves. offers this free guide to the care of white doves.

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