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Dove Celebrations Honors Veterans

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Dove Celebrations Honors Veterans

Dove Celebrations Honors Veterans.  The blessings secured for us by the veterans of our armed forces should be near and dear to all of us.

We are honored to release Doves at military funerals.  Dove releases are tailored to work in tandem with a military honor guard.

Dove releases for Veterans are done at half the cost of other funeral services.   If there is any difficulty with that cost, please call and talk to us.  We’ll do what we can to make a dove release happen for veterans.

We will do whatever we can for those who did what they could for the rest of us.

Releases April-October.


Gail Yaeger
Chief Flight Attendant
Dove Celebrations

Call or Contact Senior Flight Attendant Gail Yaeger to make arrangements  now.  Phone 262-470-1955 

My father is a proud veteran of the Korean War.