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Dove Celebrations


We welcome the opportunity to work with you to make your Dove Celebration a wonderful and memorable experience.

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We’d love to help you with your Wedding Day!                   Picture of Dove with Red Ribbon forming a heart to illustrate Wedding Dove Release

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Dove Celebrations has been all about doing White Dove Releases in all sorts of ceremonies for many years.

We’d like to help you with your event!  Whether a joyous wedding event, or a mournful memorial service, Dove Celebrations can make your event most memorable.

We treat our White Doves as we do our family pets.  We treat them humanely.  We ask that you only patronize ethical breeders and those who mind the weather.  Flight safety first!   Click here to learn more about our care of white doves and flight safety.

Please see White Dove Release and Display Prices for costs.

Remember to book early.  First reserved, first served!

Take a look around our site.  Feel free to call or Contact Us anytime!


Gail Yaeger
Chief Flight Attendant
Dove Celebrations

p.s.:  Your suggestions and questions are always welcome.



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