White Dove Releases and Display Prices

White Dove Releases

White Dove Releases and White Dove Displays are what we do. 

Wedding Dove Releases: April-October Only.    shutterstock_312564896

PKG 1 • BRIDE AND GROOM RELEASE : One White Dove Release or Two White Doves released for or by the bride and groom.
$ 175.00

PKG 2•WEDDING PARTY RELEASE: Two, plus up to six White Doves released.
$ 275.00

PKG3• RECEPTION DISPLAY: Two White Doves in a lovely cage display, NOT released.
$ 120.00

PKG 4 •DOVE RELEASE :Our most breathtaking Ten to fifteen White Doves released.
$ 300.00

Funeral/Memorial Dove Displays:

Dove Indoor Displays: Displayed at the Funeral Home.
Pre-arrangements necessary…..
$120.00 per display

In lieu of flowers, send a Dove Display : 1 or 2 beautiful White Dove display cages ( up to 6 doves in each display cage) can be setup to enhance and leave a lasting memory. All displays are setup prior to and throughout the visitation and services at the funeral home of your choice. This is most popular during the months of  November – March when my Doves are not released.

Funeral/Memorial : Releases April through October only.

Dove in flight, for White Dove Releases page

White Dove Releases

SINGLE RELEASE : One White Dove released representing
the loved one s journey home……….
$ 125.00 April-October only.

TRINITY RELEASE: Four White Doves released, one by the casket and seconds later three more are set free, joining the lone Dove in flight.  This formation represents the FATHER-SON-and HOLY SPIRIT escorting the loved one on their journey home to heaven ………. $ 200.00 April-October only.

SHEPHERD RELEASE:  Five White Doves released representing the loved one joining others being escorted
into heaven………… $ 275.00 April-October only.

Other Releases: April-October only.

We are also available for special occasions such as anniversaries, grand openings, golf outings and so on.  Please call Gail Yaeger, Senior Fight Attendant,  for services, availability and pricing information, or Contact Us.

*Release Policy

A white dove release may be scheduled anytime during daylight hours, but no later than two hours before sunset.

Our policy ensures that our birds encounter safe flying conditions and have sufficient time to return to their loft before nightfall.

The health and safety of our birds is of the utmost importance to us.  We ensure the humane and ethical treatment of all our birds.

We will not release our birds indoors, at night or in inclement weather.  This rarely occurs, but it is possible, in which case if any of these conditions occur on your release day, your fee will be returned to you in full.

DEPOSITS:  A (non-refundable…unless we cannot release due to weather) 50% deposit is required to book your date for weddings, the balance is due before release .

Dove Celebration has been all about doing White Dove Releases in all sorts of ceremonies for many years.

We’d like to help you with your event!

We treat our White Doves as we do our family pets.  We treat them humanely.  We ask that you only patronize ethical breeders and those who mind the weather.  Flight safety first!   Click here to learn more about our care of white doves and flight safety.

Please see White Dove Release and Display Prices for costs.

Remember to book early.  First reserved, first served!

Take a look around our site.  Feel free to call or Contact Us anytime!


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Senior Flight Attendant
Dove Celebrations


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