Wedding Party White Dove Release

Wedding Doves

Wedding Doves for Release by the Bride & Groom

Wedding Doves

Wedding Doves

Wedding doves – displays and releases – are breathtaking!

We offer Bride and Groom Wedding Doves

Two wedding doves are released by the Bride and Groom (with our help and under our direct supervision) in an outside setting of your choice.

We provide white gloves for the ceremonial wedding dove release.  You’ll also find us dressed for you occasion.

Our Doves may be released directly upon exiting the wedding ceremony or when your wedding photos are taken.  The photo shows  wedding doves released at a friends wedding.

If you like, we can display the wedding doves from before the start of the ceremony, so guests may view the pair in a beautiful, ornate cage upon arrival for your wedding ceremony.

Wedding Doves for Release by the whole Wedding Party

We also offer a Wedding Party Dove Release in which all of the members of your wedding party release wedding doves.

All of your wedding party members will be thrilled with participating and have a life-long memory – and guests will enjoy the large group release.

Wedding Doves, Wedding Dove Releases

Wedding Doves

We bring white gloves if the wedding party wishes to use them.

This release may occur any time after the wedding ceremony (or during the ceremony for outdoor weddings) or when your wedding photos are taken.

“Our Goal is to Make
Your Ceremony Special”

We will work with you to adapt the display and/or release special.

The safety and health of our Birds of Peace is the only limiting factor. Releases must be scheduled with at least two hours of daylight left, and we reserve the right not to release in severe weather.

We look forward to helping you ensure your special day engenders wonderful memories for a lifetime.

Call or Contact Senior Flight Attendant Gail Yaeger to book your date now!   Phone 262-470-1955

We will work with the photographer at your wedding! We welcome the opportunity to work with wedding planners and wedding photographers, as well as directly with the wedding party!

Wedding Doves Photography

Bride and Groom Doves

Bride and Groom Doves






See for great images.

Wedding Doves Cake Topper

Wedding Doves Cake Topper







Cake toppers are from (link no longer working as of Nov 2014)



Beautiful Bride Photography with Wedding Doves

Beautiful Bride Photography with Wedding Doves

Call or Contact Senior Flight Attendant Gail Yaeger to book your date now!   Phone 262-470-1955

We treat our White Doves as we do our family pets.  We treat them humanely.  We ask that you only patronize ethical breeders and those who mind the weather.  Flight safety first!   Click here to learn more about our care of white doves and flight safety.

Please see White Dove Release and Display Prices for costs.

Remember to book early.  First reserved, first served!

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Gail Yaeger
Chief Flight Attendant
Dove Celebrations

We’d love to help you with your Wedding Day!

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